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Her Strength Studio is fitness for women by women. We offer small group female-focused strength and recovery training. From our standard strength classes to Pregna-Fit and our Early Postpartum group programs, we strive to offer women resources and training catered specifically to the female body in all stages of life. Explore our classes, check out our blog, and contact us if you ever have any questions.

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Once you get started with one of our programs, you’ll be looking forward to training with your class each week. Use our online schedule to keep track of the class dates and times, as well as any new classes or events.

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“Last night was my first time at Her Strength studio and it was great! Nora is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable, I really enjoyed doing different exercises in a group setting. I worked up a good sweat, felt strong and accomplished by the end of class. I can’t wait til next week!”


“I can’t say enough about Nora and Her Strength. Nora is extremely knowledgeable! She taught me how to rehab properly after my first child and to train safely during my second pregnancy. I continue to train at Her Strength for more than fitness. Nora has built a community of strong and caring women who lift each other up!”


“Nora is a true professional and working with her is an absolute delight. Her small class sizes allow her to cater to each of her clients needs. She is the expert in the Capital Region when it comes to female/pregnancy/postpartum fitness and her knowledge of female anatomy is invaluable!”


“Nora is extremely knowledgeable! I felt great through both of my pregnancies due to her workouts!!”


“I’m so glad that Nora (who was pregnant with her third little one at the time) approached me when I was 6 months pregnant and talked to me about the importance of staying active and strong during pregnancy. I felt confident working with her during those final months of my pregnancy, and continue to entrust her with my health and fitness to this day. I definitely wouldn’t be as strong as I am now without her guidance. She’s constantly challenging us to work harder, but not so hard that we forget to listen to our bodies. I’m glad to call her my trainer and my friend, and am thankful for this wonderful little community of strong women that she’s helped to inspire and empower”


“Nora and her passion for women’s health/fitness truly shows in her studio, Her Strength. Having Nora as my trainer for two years, it has been given the opportunity to be surrounded by so many amazing women that allows me to strive to be the best I can be physically, mentally, and emotionally not just for myself but for my family! It’s true when they say,”The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence” and that’s exactly what Nora strives to do for us women!”


“Working out surrounded by women throughout their pregnancy, right up until their due date is so empowering! Nora is an amazing trainer and really takes her time to watch how everyone is moving to make sure you are truly working the right muscle groups. Every class is awesome and the new studio is gorgeous!”


“Love being able to work out safely during pregnancy with someone who is well trained and knows what she is doing. The new studio is beautiful and its great to be surrounded by other pregnant women!”


“Nora is knowledgeable and creates a warm, welcoming environment for all her clients. Her Strength is more than just a fitness studio; it is an empowering community for women, especially moms!”


“I would highly suggest Nora’s her strength class, the workout is challenging and small enough that it feels like a personal training session. Also the studio is beautiful and clean!!”







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