Well, I can tell you that we move, we work, and we get super super strong.
Our #1 goal as coaches is to help you live your best life. Although that may sound like a cliché, we think you’ll agree that you move quite a lot. And if we can make those movements better, stronger, and more efficient, then we’ve created a greater purpose for exercise.

You’ll notice that not all our movements are “linear.” We should not only exercise well, but work on creating great movement patterns for use OUTSIDE the gym (which, lets face it, is where you spend 95% of your life). It’s amazing how different movement can look for Women at all different stages of life. When the focus is getting stronger and feeling better, and goes beyond the aesthetic (though that’s nice too 😉 ), priorities start to shift in our workouts.

It’s important to us at Her Strength to be able to individualize everyone’s program according to previous experience, fitness, strength, goals, and capabilities. That’s why we keep classes small and personalized, maxed out at 12 participants.
Curious about our philosophy? Come try a class!