Let me introduce myself! I’m Nora Matthew, owner and head coach at Her Strength Studio.
I first started personal training while I was in college at Providence College running D1 track and playing rugby. I fell in love with strength training at PC in our Strength and Conditioning program and never looked back. I did CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, metabolic & hiit training, Pilates — you name it, I was into it. Sports and fitness came to me easily.

When I had my first baby, everything changed.
I didn’t recognize the body I’d had for the first 23 years of my life. From stretch marks to symphysis pubis dysfunction to diastasis recti, I suddenly had a slew of issues I never even knew were possible. I had to modify my routine, but didn’t know where to start.
After completing pre/postnatal certifications and studying the most recent research, I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way. Fast forward to 1 year later, I was training women during pregnancy and postpartum and saw incredible results with great movement, strength training, and breath work.
I officially founded Pregna-Fit LLC in 2014 which has since evolved to include Mama Strength: a postpartum program to progress moms from early postpartum to the next stage of their lives.

Right after having my third baby in 2017, I did some soul searching (because, why not?) and I knew I was at a crossroads. Take the leap and follow my heart or sit back and wait.
Maybe you can guess what route I chose.
Her Strength is a space for fitness and community. It’s also the name of our newest “bread and butter” small group training program to help women of all ages and stages to get stronger, feel more confident, capable, and ready to take on whatever’s next.