Her Strength presents the 12 Week Challenge: 2020

Get ready to visualize your HIGHEST self and start showing up as her.

This is YOUR year! You are going to set and crush some S.M.A.R.T. goals to get stronger, more resilient, and more motivated than you’ve ever been before.

Get into the Details with our Hands-on Workshops.

For the first 12 weeks of 2020, our focus is on YOU. We will kick off the challenge with a Vision Boarding Workshop (featuring wine and cheese, of course 🍷🙃) at the studio on Sunday, 1/5 at 5pm to dig deep and find out WHAT matters to YOU and WHY!

This will be our official kick-off event, so it would be REALLY beneficial if you came along! It will put things in context, give you guidance, and set you up for success. Plus, wine and cheese. Need I say more?

We will keep you focused and on track throughout these 12 weeks with a halfway check-in workshop on Sunday, 2/16 about Mindful and Intuitive Eating (🧐). Additional coaching sessions will be available by appointment.

Focus on the MIND.

We will be offering a workshop on February 16th (the halfway point) and supporting resources on MINDFUL & INTUITIVE EATING to help you become a more active participant in your own nutrition! There is SO MUCH rhetoric about self-deprivation and caloric restriction and fad dieting, but, LADIES, it’s all so shallow. Do you want to plan for short term or for LIFE? 

What’s really important?

Every decision you make brings you closer or further away from your goals. Being a conscious decision-maker is a GAME changer. So let’s explore how to make those conscious decisions to fuel and nourish your body because you have inherent VALUE! (Again, more on this later…)

Work WITH yourself.

We are going to help you learn how to work WITH (not against) your mind, body, and heart to achieve your goals. No self-deprivation, starvation, deception or other extremes here. THAT STUFF DOES.NOT.LAST. By the end of the 12 weeks, we want you to be WELL on your way to a stronger, healthier you. You will be patting yourself on the back and relishing in your achievement. And most importantly, you will be ready for what’s next.

Commit to 12 weeks.

REAL, lasting changes cannot take place over a very short amount of time (read: less than 60 days). Mental, physical, and emotional changes must happen over time so all 3 can get on the same page! Whether you are trying to improve your ability to stay committed, make better nutrition choices, measurable strength gains, or simply show up to your workouts consistently, TIME MATTERS.

The Science on Behavior Change points to 3 main contributing factors to maintaining positive behaviors:

1. Self-regulation

2. Stress reactivity

3. Interpersonal/Social processes

Setting sustainable goals and sticking to them is NOT easy. So, let us support you! 

MOST of you are constantly supporting others, whether it be at home, outside of home, at work, or elsewhere.. it’s your turn to be supported!

Why should you participate?

Fat loss

Summer bod



For your partner/bestie/mom

>>>Become a STRONGER version of YOU physically and mentally because YOU set, focused on, and crushed YOUR goals!<<<

Get Stuck in to a NEW Kind of Challenge.

Previous challenge we’ve done allowed you to set any type of goal. Although you can still set your own personal goals, this time, we also want you to set a physical goal that you can achieve in the gym or support by your time in training sessions at Her Strength.

Examples include:

-getting 1 bodyweight chin-up

-running a mile without stopping

-perfecting your goblet squat technique

-deadlifting 230lbs

-mastering the kettlebell snatch

-getting a pistol squat

-overhead pressing 12/16/24kg

Or anything along those lines! The Vision Board workshop will give us some time to get super specific about HOW to set achievable goals. You’ll have time to speak with some of us individually who have been working with you for some time now, so we can figure out what will work for YOU as an individual.

Accumulate Points.

So how does the challenge work??

There will be a points system that you will keep track of and will be checked at the end:

+ 1 point: attend a Her Strength class/private training session

+ 1 point: check in on Facebook/ post on Instagram (must tag us for credit)

+ 5 points: write us a Facebook/Yelp/Google review (make sure you tell us!)

+ 5 points:  Read a book from our Her Strength library

+ 10 points: refer a friend to a consultation/join challenge/ lurch has introductory month/private training package (must be new client)

+ 10 points: Participate in Amanda & Barb’s 4 week nourishing meal prep Program “Eating for the Exercising Women” (stay tuned for more details on this coming soon!)

+ 15 points: achieve 1 goal

+ 20 points: achieve 2 goals or your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal – more on that later)

Get Rewarded.

There are prizes at stake here! 

* 1 free month of 16 classes ($209 value) (1 available)

* A package of 3 – 30 min private sessions ($165 value) (2 available)

* $50 account credit (3 available)

* Retail items (5 available)

Invest in your Success.

Participation in the challenge for current clients, which includes the 2 workshops, Weekly support emails, and chance to win the prizes is $50. The challenge may be purchased on MindBody here.


→ And if you are a brand new Her Strength client…

This 12 Week challenge is available to non-members* of Her Strength which includes 36 classes to be used over 3 months and both the Vision Boarding and Mindfulness workshops.

Value: $1130

Price: $589

This package is only available until 1/5 and may be purchased in person at the studio or online here.

*”Non-members” are those who have never been at Her Strength or have not been in to the studio in 6+ months, do not have a current membership/package. All brand new members must attend a complimentary consultation.

Not sure you can commit to 12 classes a month? You may also participate in the workshops for $50 with a purchase any of our punch-card packages of 12 (6 month expiry) or 24 classes (1 year expiry). Check those out here. And check out our class schedule here

Any questions regarding this challenge may be sent to us via email at info@herstrength.studio or via phone 518-605-9502.