Moving Forward with Intention


Her Strength presents the 12 Week Challenge: 2020Get ready to visualize your HIGHEST self and start showing up as her.This is YOUR year! You are going to set and crush some S.M.A.R.T. goals to get

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Plant Based Nutrition: The Basics


Eating a plant-based diet can be confusing.I know firsthand, because there once was a point when I considered adopting a more plant-based approach to eating, and had absolutely no clue where to start. For weeks on

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Want to Lose Weight in 2019? Read this First!


If you're planning on a New Years weight loss resolution, PLEASE do me a favor and address the actual issue. What not to do:A. Purchase a "boat load" of supplementsB. Drastically cut caloriesC. Obsessively count macronutrientsD.

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Postpartum Health + Nutrition Guide


Part I: Surviving the First Forty Days + BeyondToday marks my fortieth day postpartum. Forty days of changing newborn diapers (and toddler diapers), nursing on demand, and sleeping in short two hour blocks. This isn’t

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Let me introduce myself! I’m Nora Matthew, owner and head coach at Her Strength Studio. I first started personal training while I was in college at Providence College running D1 track and playing rugby.