Inside of Her Strength Studio showing mats socially distant from one another

StrongHer You New Memberships

SY Memberships will be based on the number of weekly custom strength sessions, and will also include skills classes and self-led conditioning sessions. Each custom strength program will be formulated specifically for you on a 6 week-basis. Throughout your 6-week program, you will be progressed through many of the same “major movements,” and will have varying supporting/accessory movements to support your goals.  In addition to your custom strength program, you will also have access to Skills Classes and self-led Conditioning Sessions as desired to supplement your program.  

How can I learn more about your Strength & Conditioning Classes?

Skills classes are group classes designed to keep your workouts crisp and fresh. Utilize them when you want to learn, practice, and the movements and modalities you can use to build strength. Each Skills Class will focus on a specific modality(ies) and certain movement patterns. We will offer kettlebell, barbell, and mobility classes throughout the week that will be included in each membership. The Skills Classes are designed to enrich your custom workout program with new and improved movements and skills, so ultimately it’s up to you to attend or pass.  We will have a calendar in-studio and online so that you can plan ahead for the classes you want to get to! Skills classes are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited to 8 participants.

Our self-led additional conditioning sessions will help you achieve your personal goals! Our conditioning sessions are available to all of our clients with a current StrongHer You membership.  You are invited to come in and utilize our conditioning equipment (2 Assault Bikes, a Concept 2 Rower, and of course, our sled and battle ropes) during open hours. You will be able to book 1-2 conditioning sessions (depending on your membership), on the MindBody app or on the desktop site. You are also welcome to text the business phone to request a time (518-605-9502). Conditioning sessions can be up to 30 minutes and are self-led. We will provide you with pre-programmed workout options.  If you have conditioning equipment at home, you can feel free to utilize our workouts there, too!

Bi-weekly Billing

Our billing is bi-weekly to ensure that all sessions are allotted evenly throughout your month, regardless of the charge date and length of the month. Smaller payment installments are also more convenient for our group training members.

What if i’m not ready for a membership? 

If you are not ready to sign up for a membership you can absolutely try a monthly trial with us!  Contact us today for more information! 

How do I sign up for StrongHer You?

StrongHer You will officially launch on Monday, October 18th, 2021. Once you sign up, you will be able to reserve a space in your preferred time. Time slots will be reserved on a consistent basis, but may be adjusted where necessary if occasions arise. You can purchase a new membership on MindBody here.

Bonus Cards

Introducing S + C BONUS Cards! Every member will receive a punch card for the Skills and Conditioning sessions and our staff members will sign off each time you come! Once you complete your card (9 visits), you will receive a MONTHLY BONUS which may include membership discounts, retail items, and Her Strength gift cards! Qualifying visits include all our Skills Classes and self-led Conditioning Sessions. 

Do you have parking available?

We are located at 356 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY 12110 and have plenty of off street parking available for your convenience!


Ready to share the wealth of Her Strength with your family, friends, and co-workers? For every new client you refer who signs up for a SY membership, you will receive 2 weeks free! 


I just had a baby? Where should I begin?

Congratulations on your new arrival! All new mamas must begin with our 4 week early postpartum program.  After pregnancy, labor, and childbirth—incredibly intense and emotional experiences—your recovery is of the utmost importance. We’ll help your slow rebuild of self-awareness and strength (mental, emotional, and physical) at any pace.  You are worth the time it takes to recover and rebuild from the ground up. The Early Postpartum program, available in private or small group sessions, will work with you to provide focus, structure, and direction for your own postpartum recovery. We will address postpartum movement topics including core and pelvic floor rehabilitation, returning to low and high impact exercise, nutrition, breastfeeding, and finding balance and time as a new mom.  Spaces are limited to 6 women. Sign up today to claim your spot!

How many weeks postpartum do you have to be to join the 4 Week Early Postpartum program?

Most women come around 6-12 weeks postpartum, but you can even be one year post baby and join in on this program, however you must be cleared by a doctor or midwife to begin.  We start the first week with gentle stretching and build up the intensity each week with light movements to begin re-introducing your body to fitness.

Can I bring my baby to class?

Absolutely, we LOVE babies!  Feel free to bring your little one to get some incredible mommy/me time and meet other babies the same age!  We have a diaper changing station in the women’s room and have plenty of supplies in case you forget something!