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Her Strength is our group training program for women ready to get strong. We guide you through basic movements in order to cater the program to your needs and goals. Classes are limited to 12 participants to ensure personalization, individual coaching, and maximum effectiveness. You will push, pull, squat, and hinge your way to a healthy body composition and a high level of fitness. Quality and continuity are our mantras in the Her Strength program; we meet you where you’re at now, and help you reach the next level. From muscle gain to cardiovascular fitness – you name your goal and we will get you there!

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Pregna-Fit is a training program specifically formulated for pregnancy. The program allows expectant mamas to continue to sweat, while remaining adaptable yet challenging for every fitness level. Before and during classes, we focus on training the pelvic floor and core system with movement and deep breathing techniques, a transferable skill for labor and birth. Classes are typically circuit style with varying levels of exercises, loads, and paces. Every mama will find her perfect balance of challenge and recovery.

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Early Postpartum

After pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, your recovery is of the utmost importance. The Early Postpartum program, available in private or small group sessions, will work with you to provide focus, structure, and direction for your own postpartum recovery. We will address topics including core and pelvic floor rehabilitation, returning to low and high impact exercise, nutrition, breastfeeding, and finding balance and time as a new mom. Private sessions are 30-45 minutes in length and are available on an appointment basis. The Early Postpartum Class is run in weekly blocks and spaces are limited to 6 women.

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Private Training

Sessions Starting at $35/each

Interested in getting a more personalized approach to your training? No problem! At Her Strength Studio, we offer a variety of personal training session options that will provide you with the individual attention you are looking for. Our one-on-one training will have you back in shape in no time!

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