Private Training

We offer private one-on-one and semi-private (2+ participants) personal training at Her Strength on an appointment basis.

Private training is great for those seeking a personalized experience. From the woman who is just beginning her fitness journey to the advanced lifter who wants to work on her barbell or kettlebell skills, one-on-one personal training is a perfect way to learn and perfect the foundational movements of functional strength.  Your trainer will customize your program with consideration given to previous injuries, exercise and movement experiences, preferences, and short and long term goals. We offer both 30 and 45 minute training sessions priced from $52.50 per session.

We often recommend private training for those who would like to join group classes who have no prior experience with kettlebell training.

New moms are welcome to bring their babies along to private sessions.

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Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training is great for friends, family members, and co-workers to team up at a mutually convenient time and get stronger! Each person must purchase her own package of sessions and pricing is contingent upon the presence of 2+ participants at each session. Semi-private sessions may be “upgraded” to private sessions if necessary.  Her Strength offers a complimentary initial consultation to all new clients available in person or virtually. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our training principles, practices, and services.

In order to arrange your consultation, please call at 518-605-9502 or email at

*Private and semi-private training packages are valid for one year. These training packages may not be returned or refunded after 72 hours past purchase, but may be exchanged for group class services, contingent upon request, subsequent discussion with and at the discretion of your trainer and the studio owner.