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StrongHer You is a customized, small group strength training program. Your goals should be at the forefront of your fitness routine – not our goals, not your bestie’s goals, but YOURS! Every individual should be given the opportunity to realize her own potential and make a BEELINE for her goals.  Most fitness programs boast the goal of being “fit” as the ideal outcome, but what does that really mean to you? Is it the health benefit? The aesthetic? The feeling of being strong? Or maybe it’s having the time to focus on doing something for you. We want you to really think about where you are headed on this strength and fitness journey and how we can help you to get there. 

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Are you an expectant mama?? We have something extra special just for you. Our Pregna-Fit program has evolved into a special feature of our brand new StrongHer You custom small group training program. You will have 3 membership options: attend 1, 2 or 3 custom workouts, formulated just for you based on your exercise history, goals, and individual needs. Your Custom Workout Sessions are completed at times that work for your schedule – morning, afternoon or evening. All of these memberships also include our Skills Classes and self-led Conditioning sessions. We know that every woman enters pregnancy in a different place. Sometimes fitness is already a regular part of your routine, but sometimes that isn’t the case. You should feel confident that your exercise regimen is what will work best for you at this stage of your life. All expectant mamas are offered a 30 minute complimentary initial consultation to ensure the program will fulfill your needs.  Included with your 4-week trial of StrongHer You is a 45 minute movement assessment and goal setting meeting ahead of your first custom session. We are so excited to be able to offer our expertise in prenatal fitness in a more specialized manner. There are limited spaces in our program to ensure that everyone has a guaranteed spot. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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Early Postpartum

After pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, your recovery is of the utmost importance. The Early Postpartum program, available in private or small group sessions, will work with you to provide focus, structure, and direction for your own postpartum recovery. We will address topics including core and pelvic floor rehabilitation, returning to low and high impact exercise, nutrition, breastfeeding, and finding balance and time as a new mom. Private sessions are 30-45 minutes in length and are available on an appointment basis. The Early Postpartum Class is run in weekly blocks and spaces are limited to 6 women.

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Private Training Her Strength Studio Latham

Private Training

Sessions Starting at $65/each

Interested in getting a more personalized approach to your training? No problem! At Her Strength Studio, we offer a variety of personal training session options that will provide you with the individual attention you are looking for. Our one-on-one training will have you back in shape in no time.  Our private and semi-private personal training offer 30 and 45 minute private and 1-on-1 personal training sessions. 

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