Introducing…A StrongHer You Program

StrongHer You is a customized, small group strength training program. Your goals should be at the forefront of your fitness routine – not our goals, not your bestie’s goals, but YOURS! Every individual should be given the opportunity to realize her own potential and make a BEELINE for her goals.  Most fitness programs boast the goal of being “fit” as the ideal outcome, but what does that really mean to you? Is it the health benefit? The aesthetic? The feeling of being strong? Or maybe it’s having the time to focus on doing something for you. Our StrongHer You program will challenge you, hold you accountable and get you closer to those personal goals that you’re looking for.


Our custom strength sessions are curated just for you. Run your own race guided by a coach who is dedicated to helping you determine, set, and reach your goals. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 custom programs per week to keep you motivated and on track. Measure your progress week to week and month to month and reassess every 4-6 weeks. Flexible and frequent training times, smaller groups, access to more equipment, consistency, and accountability are all essential features of StrongHer You.  Our sessions are typically one hour long but can be adjusted depending on your specific needs.

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A Semi-Private Setting

All SY sessions will be limited to 6 participants to ensure access to coaching, equipment, and space. Every coach will have access to your workouts and will be able to guide you through each one. We have introduced more class times to ensure that all will be able to find a convenient slot. If you cannot find a time on the new schedule that works for you, please let us know! We will do our best to accommodate. 

Goal Meetings

Every 6 weeks (or as needed), you will have the opportunity to meet with your programming coach. Provide feedback on your program, progress, and enjoyment so we can guide you into your next 6-week program. Set some goals! Are you ready to get that first pull-up? Learn how to swing a kettlebell? Or do you have a “life goal” like getting down and up off the floor with ease? Carrying your groceries in one trip? Going on a hike on the high peaks? Whatever you want to achieve, we want to help get you there. Set your goals and get ready to check them off, one by one.

Personal Coaching & Accountability

StrongHer You Sessions will be led by our experienced team of strength coaches, ready to demonstrate, guide, cue, and assist you through your program. Is there a certain coach you love to work with? Let us know! We will all be working on your programs. Once you commit to certain days/times, we know when to expect you. If you don’t make it, reach out and we will do our best to facilitate your next visit to keep you on track. Working out alongside other Her Strength community members, friends and family means endless support, encouragement, and consistency!

Evidence-based Progress

Track your sessions and watch how fit and strong you will get on your program with access to the TrueCoach mobile app and website. TrueCoach will deliver your weekly workouts and allow you to make notes on your program, provide us feedback, and send us a message anytime (or you can simply share in person with your session coach). Not into tracking your workouts on an app? No worries! We have small whiteboards and markers and the ability to print your workouts for you. Your program is a guide for you and for us, but we are still training you throughout your workout. You can think of SY as personal training with your friends!

Flexibility & Remote Workouts:

Heading out of town for vacation or work? We can work with you to formulate appropriate remote workouts with or without access to equipment up to 2x per month. Did something come up and you missed your scheduled time? We will do our best to reschedule you or shift your workouts to keep you on track. We can even livestream you in for your workouts if you let us know in advance!

We are also excited that StrongHer You allows for flexibility for our Pregna-Fit clients. Pregnant or postpartum, you may attend any class time that works for your schedule and continue to enjoy workouts that are designed for your current fitness journey. Current Pregna-Fit clients may reach out for more details. The Early Postpartum Class will continue to be offered as a standalone class on a monthly basis and will serve as a prerequisite for new moms for the StrongHer You program.


Skills classes are group classes designed to keep your workouts crisp and fresh. Utilize them when you want to learn, practice, and the movements and modalities you can use to build strength. Each Skills Class will focus on a specific modality(ies) and certain movement patterns. We will offer kettlebell, barbell, and mobility classes throughout the week that will be included in each membership. The Skills Classes are designed to enrich your custom workout program with new and improved movements and skills, so ultimately it’s up to you to attend or pass.

We will have a calendar in-studio and online so that you can plan ahead for the classes you want to get to! Skills classes are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited to 8 participants. 

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Our self-led additional conditioning sessions will help you achieve your personal goals! Our conditioning sessions are available to all of our clients with a current StrongHer You membership.  You are invited to come in and utilize our conditioning equipment (2 Assault Bikes, a Concept 2 Rower, and of course, our sled and battle ropes) during open hours. You will be able to book 1-2 conditioning sessions (depending on your membership), on the MindBody app or on the desktop site. You are also welcome to text the business phone to request a time (518-605-9502). Conditioning sessions can be up to 30 minutes and are self-led. We will provide you with pre-programmed workout options.  If you have conditioning equipment at home, you can feel free to utilize our workouts there, too! 

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Not quite ready for a 12 month commitment? 

We are currently offering 6-month memberships at the following rates:

Basic Membership: $114.50 bi-weekly

Pro Membership: $129.50 bi-weekly

Premium Membership: $134.50 bi-weekly

We are also offering trial month memberships if you want to try the program out before purchasing a membership.  Contact our team for more information.

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